In Missouri, laws regulating debt collection are complex. As businesses are confronted with debt collection issues, whether from a contract dispute, bankruptcy or other reasons, seeking an attorney experienced in the area of debt collection is a wise business decision.

The McAllister Law Firm, is a St. Louis Debt Collection Firm with a regional foot print. Located in St. Louis Missouri, the McAllister law firm represents the interests of business owners, suppliers and vendors in the recovery of bad debt.

The McAllister Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services related to the collection of delinquent, open, and past due debt. Our law firm prides itself in offering businesses innovative collection strategies upon debtor default. These include, but not limited to: replevin actions, garnishments, foreclosures, and detinue actions.

At McAllister Law Firm, we take an individualized approach, personally assisting our clients through every stage of collection proceedings. Our process involves carefully analyzing each client’s individual issue, beginning with identification and investigation of situations where debtors may be concealing assets or avoiding their monetary obligations. We offer an upfront assessment of the likelihood of recovery on every case we undertake in order to save you the expense of pursuing uncollectable debts. Once we enter, we will follow through to collect the entire amount the debtor owes, including damages and attorney fees.

Our attorneys are always prepared to pursue litigation against delinquent debtors. We are licensed in both the Eastern and Western districts of Missouri and Southern Illinois.

As your legal advocate and advisor, we will take the time to pursue your rights as a creditor and recover your outstanding debt. We invite you to call the McAllister Law Firm at (314) 403-7700 to learn how we can help you minimize your cost and maximize your potential to efficiently recover your delinquent debt.