Medical malpractice is another category we specialize in. When medical professionals make mistakes and perform careless acts, often the result is extreme injury and even death. Compensation to the victims or their families for this tragic type of injury or loss can ease the pain or cushion the loss. The medical malpractice attorneys at McAllister Law Firm can help individuals receive this due compensation.

Our attorneys can assist individuals with many types of claims, including:

  • Lack of Informed Consent
  • Missed Diagnosis
  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Surgical Error
  • Birth Injuries
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
  • Medication Errors
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Medical Device Errors

A medical malpractice claim must prove a medical professional violated the standard of care that another reasonable healthcare provider in similar circumstances would have provided or that some rule governing patient care has been violated. These claims are incredibly complex, but our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to take on this difficult litigation and provide results for our clients. Patients trust their medical professionals to provide them with excellent care and positive health outcomes, not additional injury. If your trust in a medical professional has been betrayed, shaken, or broken, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you believe you have a medical malpractice claim, contact a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney from the McAllister Law Firm at 314-403-7700 to schedule a free consultation.