Being injured on the job is painful and frustrating. Missouri law provides rights and benefits to those who are injured through their employment. Workers compensation can provide benefits to cover not only the cost of medical expenses, but also compensation for lost wages and permanent disability. Furthermore, workers’ compensation can encompass tremendously complex legal issues.

Workers Compensation

The capable attorneys at the McAllister Law Firm understand the law and fight diligently in representing injured workers, and helping them to receive the compensation they are entitled to. Our attorneys are prepared to assist with workers’ compensation claims, whether it is resolved through settlement, arbitration, or trial.

Victims of workplace injury may be able to recover workers compensation benefits and more. Our attorneys can also assist in the filing of third-party personal injury claims. These claims may be appropriate when an accident was caused by a third-party who was not the employer of the victim.

Sometimes, initial claims can be rejected or denied and individuals may lose hope of receiving the compensation they are entitled to. If your claim has been denied, do not give up! The attorneys at McAllister Law Firm may still be able to assist. Injured individuals may still be entitled to compensation even if there was failure to comply with employer rules. If you have been injured on the job, call the attorneys at McAllister Law Firm at 314-403-7700 to set up you free consultation.