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Thousands of individuals in Missouri are plagued by personal injury every year. Many are injured due to the actions of another, and they find themselves tormented with the pain and high cost of that injury. Personal injury encompasses both physical and emotional injury that is caused by either the intentional or negligent actions of another.

In Missouri, they have a rule that applies to cases in which the injured person is found to share part of the fault for the underlying accident.

Missouri uses a pure comparative fault rule, which reduces the compensation an injured person can receive by an amount that is equal to that person’s percentage of fault no matter how large or small the percentage is.

Some states have laws that cap, or limit, damages in personal injury cases. Caps can vary from state to state, but popular caps include limits on non-economic “pain and suffering” damages and limits in medical malpractice injury cases.

Missouri currently has no caps in place on damages in personal injury cases which means your injuries have no limitations.

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The personal injury lawyers at McAllister Law Firm are dedicated to representing and fighting for individuals who have been injured because of intentional and negligent acts of others. We contend in order to assist these clients gain the compensation they deserve. 

When deciding if you should get a Personal Injury Attorney in St Louis you are going to need someone who will hear you out and be able to communicate with you. If you have been injured sometimes it is a delicate situation that is difficult to talk about. We are here to listen and help you through the difficult time you are having because above all we are here for your well-being.

There are always different outcomes to St. Louis Personal Injury claims, so you need to be prepared with expertise in your corner. Not every case is equal, so you need the representation that excels in the personal injury field. 

The areas our personal injury representation includes are motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, sexual assault, premises liability accidents, defective product accidents, and more

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When selecting an attorney, you need to make sure they are willing to go to court with you if the settlement offer you received is not adequate. If you would choose to settle you will save time and sometimes emotional energy, but for insurance agencies it is better for you to settle. You do not want to settle out of convenience, you want the justice you looked for when your accident occurred. 

If you receive a settlement offer that suits you then you just must decide if the wait and coverage is best for you. An experienced attorney will be able to guide you through this time and will advise the best course of action for you and your case.

Missouri has a statute of limitations that affects how long you must file a court case after an injury. In Missouri, the time limit on bringing a personal injury claim to civil court is five years.  Do not hesitate to take action and contact an attorney with expertise in the area of your case.

Nobody is ready for the toll you take when experiencing a personal injury. It happens unexpectedly and can take you by surprise. You need to be prepared to make a call to find the attorney that can handle your case and also advise you on the direction best to take moving forward.

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At McAllister Law Firm, personal injury claims are conducted on a contingency fee basis. This means our attorneys do not collect legal fees unless compensation is recovered for the victim. You receive our expertise so you can recover from a time you want to forget. Call us today for a free consultation

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