Recent studies have shown that mixing alcohol with energy drinks increases the chances of drinking and driving.
In one study, individuals were given a drink containing either Redbull and vodka or vodka and a none caffeinated Redbull. A masking agent was used to camouflage the taste of Redbull (a common energy drink) to insure individuals could not tell which drink contained the Redbull and which drink contained the none caffeinated redbull or the soda water placebo. Before and after consuming the beverages study participants completed an “Alcohol Urge Questionnaire” designed to illustrate their continued desire to drink.
The results illustrated that those who drank beverages containing the Redbull (a common energy drink) showed a greater desire or urge to drink more than those participants or individuals who drank the placebo soda water.
These results can be explained by the presence of stimulants like caffeine or other plant based stimulants such as guarana or yerba matein energy drinks. When combined or mixed with alcohol (labeled a depressant by the DSM IV) the brain becomes overloaded with mixed signals.
A study conducted among college students in 2010 found that students that alcohol when combined with energy drinks created increased rates in those individuals either driving drunk or riding with individuals who were drunk driving. The study concluded “These students are at increased risk for alcohol-related consequences, even after adjusting for the amount of alcohol consumed.”
The stimulant based nature of Redbull and other energy drinks masks or cover-ups the depressive nature of alcohol creating the dangerous illusion or misconception that partakers (person consuming alcohol) are not as drunk as their actual blood alcohol level would reflect.
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