People are always reminded to drive safely, and yet motor vehicle accidents happen every day.  Being safe behind the wheel should always be top of mind, but accidents can happen to anyone on the road at any given time.  That is why, aside from carefully observing traffic rules, you have to be prepared in the event that you do get into an accident.   We suggest that you keep calm and collected and remember these three simple items.

1. Get the police involved.

Whether it is a big accident where you will require help, or a relatively minor accident that resulted in minor damage, we recommend that you get the police involved.  Calling law enforcement can give you a sense of security.  In an event where both parties are irate, the police can provide control while on scene of the accident.

In addition to giving you a sense of security, getting the police involved means that you will get proper and official documentation of the accident.  Yes, taking a photo of the incident can count as documentation; but a report coming from the responding officer holds more weight.  Just remember to keep calm, and with an audible voice recount the events as clearly as you can.  In an accident where adrenaline levels may be high, be reminded to breathe and speak slowly.  This will help the officer take better notes and may help you remember the events better.

2. Get medical attention as soon as you can.

Motor vehicle accidents give a person’s body a certain level of trauma, regardless if it is a full head-on collision or a fender bender.  Sometimes people may not feel the pain right away because of the adrenaline, but they will eventually feel it later on when their body calms down. Unless a credible medical professional confirms that you are fine, do not assume that you are all right. Rather than saying, “I’m fine;” it is better to say, “I don’t know” when the officer asks about your physical condition after the accident.

Additionally, we strongly being transported via ambulance to the nearest emergency room.  Going to the nearest hospital or emergency care clinic assures that you get the right medical attention and subsequent treatment, should you require it.  Aside from that, medical facilities can also provide you with official medical records that can prove your condition and later support your claim for medical assistance.

3. Seek professional advice regarding your insurance claim.

Sometimes the most traumatic experience that you can face in an accident is not the motor vehicle accident itself, but filing the insurance claim afterwards.  With piles upon piles of documents to read, fill out and sign, you may tend to miss a few things that will either cause your claim to be denied or receive insufficient funds to cover medical bills and personal property damages.   This is why; we strongly recommend seeking help from a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in filing insurance claims.  Not only can they help you properly fill out all the forms, but they assist you in getting your insurance claim quicker and more efficiently.  With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you have higher chances of getting better result than doing it on your own.  Working with an Injury Attorney will also help recover any other monies owed while injured from an accident.

If you have already been in an accident and need the advice of an experienced and reputable personal injury lawyer, do not hesitate to call and schedule and appointment today. Let us work together to protect you and your rights.